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About me
Who is this nut?
moi Sasha Clarkson sunflowers
Name: Charles Alexander Clarkson (known as Sasha,  the Russian diminuative of Alexander, - see ethnic/cultural blurb below).

Date of birth: May 1955.

Nationality:  English first, British second and Yorkshire/Northumbrian third; Adopted Pembrokshire fourth.

Ethnic/Cultural background: Anglo/Russo-Ukrainian-German-Jewish-Gawd knows what?

Religion: Militant Agnostic.  Religion should be between consenting adults in private.  If you want any more click HERE.  Don't bother if easily offended - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!  (Mind you, if you think that you know better and that you can prove your way is The Way, The Truth etc - I dare you!)

Marital Status, Orientation etc:   Straight, single, occupied but not owned.

Occupation:  Mathematician. Teacher (retired due to ill health) and now,  for the time being,  student and gentleman of leisure.

Interests:  Life, the Universe and Everything, especially History.  Choral singing (tenor). Cooking and entertaining, gardening, walking, flying kites.

Faults: Arrogance,  egotism and a taste for malicious gossip.

Good points:  Modesty forbids me... and anyway we only get 25GB of free webspace.

 My late father, Leslie Clarkson (1981)
Leslie Clarkson 1980

My father was my solace and a man of peace and wisdom.

Yelena Clarkson June 2004  
  This remarkable lady was my mother and my best friend:
Read her obituary, click here.
Read my tribute at her funeral, click here.

Hawaii, January 2007

Sasha Clarkson @ Hawaii luau 2007
November 2005 at Skelton in North Yorkshire
Sasha Clarkson,  Skelton 2005

August2004 / September 2005
Sasha Clarkson Bows @ Bryn's wedding, 2004Sasha Clarkson's sunflowers, 2006

My Great-Great-Grandfather in 1868

Adolf Weinberg, 1st teacher of Reinhold Gliere

Me with cousins Wolfgang and Sabine Kröger in Berlin, 1997.

My great-uncle Kolya (88) and his late wife Tonya (70) in Kiev,1996. Kolya died in November '99 aged almost 92.
Kolya - Nikolai Alfredovich Weinberg
Fats Waller's 100th birthday was on May 21st 2004
- Celebrate a wonderful Entertainer!!

Fats and friend dancing
One never knows, do one?